Certainly if you ask most people who the most important person in their life is they’ll say “my mother”. This isn’t to knock all the fathers out there of course, but mom deserves a bit of extra attention because of all the constant hardship you likely put her through. Of course, coming up with gift ideas isn’t always an easy task and certainly more often than not asking her what she’d like will result in a stock replay of “oh, don’t worry about it, I’m fine”. Obviously that isn’t going to help at all, is it? That’s why we’ve stitched together this list of great gift ideas for the next mother’s day; it should make your life much easier and delight mom as well…

Slipped-in-Suede Journal

Slipped-In-Suede Journal

Combining elements of both form and function, the Slipped-in-Suede Journal is extremely handy as well as comforting to the touch and useful for daily duties. By and large it is merely a nice-looking boutique journal; of the kind that mom might use to make out the weekly grocery list or perhaps scrapbook with. However, as its name implies, there is also a nice outer covering with two little loopholes that keep everything nicely tucked away where a beechwood pencil can be inserted.

Cheese & crackers serving board


Everyone always seems to be in search of that one new magical kitchen addition that will really round out one’s utensil array.   Surely we all have a ton of stuff in our cabinets that might rarely see the light of day, but a good cheese & crackers serving board is going to look great on display, especially if mom plans on frequently using it.

Jewel Tone Statement Necklace


Currently, jewel tone statement necklaces are hot accessories. You can find a variety of different offerings in this area by simply executing a cursory google search, in fact.   Turquoise, emerald and teal are particularly popular stunning looking where choices are concerned, especially if they come attached to gold.

Gardener’s seat

gardener's seat

What do you get when you combine the functionality of a lightweight stool with that of a toolbag? If you said a gardener’s seat then you’re spot on. If mom is always out planting and has quite the green thumb then this gift will definitely tickle her fancy. In total, it features no less than 21 individual pockets too, meaning that all of her tools will fit inside neatly. Likewise, the bag can also be easily detached from the tubular frame, making this a very neat and useful modular gift that mom can get multiple uses out of, if needed.

Beehive Measuring Cups


Let’s be honest here, the main reason you’d want to buy some nifty beehive measuring cups for mom is because she’ll think that they’re adorable. Featuring a stackable, pyramidal design with rounded edges and corners, these unique cups fit on top of one another to form a distinctive beehive shape. Even better, there are little honeybees donning each level which act as grips.

Row boat salad bowl with wood serving utensils

row boat salad bowl with wood serving utensils

Speaking of things that are adorable as well as useful, there’s this row boat-shaped salad bowl that comes replete with two little paddles acting as serving utensils. Needless to say, the piece would look fantastic sitting on a counter somewhere, especially if mom lives near a body of water or just loves aquatic paraphernalia. The bowl itself is actually made of aluminum and is built to last, so it’ll be serving up great salads for years to come.

Birdie Yarn Bowl

Birdie Yarn Bowl

If you’ve got the type of mom who is really into arts and crafts then this Birdie Yarn Bowl is definitely going to be right down her alley. Simply put, it’s a great little helper that securely snuggles a ball of yarn and allows for defter craftwork.

Face mug

Face mugs

Combining an oddly face-shaped coffee cup with a hollowed out section underneath where the mouth is, this Face Mug is a must-have for those who enjoy coffee, tea and treats on a regular basis. Of course, many moms will likely want to use it to serve up goodies like milk and cookies, and the mouth acts as a storage bin in that respect. It’s something that might not seem desirable until you see just how useful it really is.

Slate cheese boards with soapstone chalk

slate cheese boards with soapstone chalk

If mom is the cultured type (pun intended) then she’ll love this fashionable slate cheese board, which comes with soapstone chalk. Basically, it is a great serving dish which can act as an attraction during parties or for entertaining dinner guests. Of course you don’t have to stick to cheeses, all sorts of hors d’oeuvres look great served up here as well. Even better, you can use the chalk to label each item, thereby eliminating confusion.

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