So, you’re looking for a unique gift but you’ve come up a little stuck. Here we have 10 gifts that are truly unique and perfect for any occasion!

An Aquatiser Bottle

Water is the ultimate health drink, and should be consumed regularly throughout the day. Some people find this hard, so a gift like this is perfect for those who would like to try! They can infuse any fruit they like with the water to make it more interesting. They make for great Instagram pictures too!

A Star

The receiver won’t be able to hold the star in their hands…but they will have a certificate to say that it’s named after them. Regardless of the fact that they probably won’t even know what star it is, it’s still a very cool gift to have.

A Personalised Plaque

A personalised plaque is the perfect gift for the king or queen of home decor. Personalised wooden gifts like this look fabulous in any home and will impress the receiver. A great moving gift!

A Smartphone Projector

We can’t all have a home cinema, so what’s the next best thing? A smartphone projector! You can use your mobile to stream film and TV shows and watch it with ease in the home. Perfect for the tech savvy among us!

A Subscription to Spotify

You can’t ever go wrong with a subscription to Spotify. The world would be dull without music, so it’s one of the best gifts you can give. It’s perfect for those who like to experiment and listen to music all day long.

An Egg Shaper

Know somebody who likes to cook? Or maybe you know a tremendous egg fan (they’re out there!)? An egg shaper gives them the power to transform their eggs into something extra special.

A Record Player

Old records are a joy to look at and play. Record collectors would love to receive a retro record player to display in their home. Even if they don’t own any records as of yet, buying them this vintage piece might inspire them to get collecting.

A Gopro Camera

The Gopro camera allows you to record and take pictures wherever you go. Take it surfing, snorkeling, or attach it to your dog to live a day in his life. This is a brilliant gift for active, adventure types and even just students/tech geeks!

An Emergency Hip Flask

You never know when you might need a hip flask handy; festivals, holidays, and even expensive bars all call for them from time to time. This could be a great gift for people who like a tipple!

Handmade Jewelry

If you’re looking for something special for someone special, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Better yet, handmade jewelry that nobody else has. They’ll love the gesture and you will have bought an amazing, unique gift.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to go out and find a wonderfully unique gift. Leave any suggestions of your own below. Thanks for visiting and we’ll see you again!

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