If your partner, father, son, friend is a career minded individual then he can be particularly difficult to buy for on special occasions. Work means everything to him but he doesn’t ever really open up about his job. So how are you meant to know what to buy him?

Well, if he loves his job so much then perhaps you should give him something to enhance his working life. After all, he spends so much time focused on his career and little reminders of your relationship are bound to cheer him up even during times of immense frustration.

Here are five great gift ideas for the businessman in your life.

Travel Phone Charger

Mobile phones are a key tool in business but, as we’ve all found out the hard way at one stage or another, the batteries tend to let us down time and time again. Give him some extra juice to keep him in the game.

A travel phone charger is one of the best accessories invented in recent times and is an absolute lifesaver for those businessmen that spend a lot of time out of the office or spending nights on the road. It’s a little gift that could make a huge difference to his life.

Grooming Tools

First impressions count for a lot in business and a man’s appearance can be crucial to giving him an edge over the competition. Giving him a product to help create the best look will certainly be appreciated.

The electric shaver is a must have essential for all businessmen looking to stay presentable and look the part. And if he looks the part, he’ll soon start feeling it too.

Magazine Subscription

If the male recipient is a keen businessman then he probably takes a healthy interest in fashion, style, and plenty of other related fields. Help him keep ahead of the game with a subscription to a highbrow magazine such as GQ.

This is particularly useful if he spends a lot of time commuting on public transport. Sitting on trains is boring, help him pass that time whilst also feeding his interests.

Satisfy Their Hobbies

Work hard, play harder. It’s an old cliché but it rings true for your loved one and catering to their most loved activities is a great gift idea.

Whether it’s treating the thrill seeking adventurer or the video game enthusiast, this is a fantastic option for those in need of some relaxation and enjoyment.

A Quality Pen

In the modern world of technology, it’s easy to forget the importance of a simple pen. However, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught short without one. Make sure he doesn’t have to experience this humiliation ever again by giving him a personalised pen gift set.

Not having a pen at crucial times can give clients a sense of unprofessionalism. It also makes you look like a lost little schoolboy. It might not be the most fun present in the world, but it could be the most practical.

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