We’ve all got that one family member or friend that can’t get enough of the gym. While the rest of us enjoy a casual game of sport, this loved one seeks genuine pleasure from hitting the treadmill and doing laps of the pool. We don’t understand how they do it, but we certainly love ‘em for it.

One of the great things about their obvious passion in life is that there are plenty of options when it comes to buying them presents. Here are some of the best.



Gym Membership

The first option is simple: pay for their monthly gym membership. It might be a little bland, but it’s an option that will not go unappreciated.

Alternatively, you could sign them up for a local half-marathon or endurance event. It will give them something to work towards and the memories of that special day will last a lifetime.

Clothing & Accessories

Exercise is one of the most important things in their life, and finding a way to enhance those experiences is a fantastic idea. Treating them to new attire or accessories should do just the trick.

With Custom On It, you can go one step further by having those items personalised. Not only will the comfort help them to enjoy their activities, but also the message of friendship should spur them on to reach great things.

Tickets To A Sporting Event

Partaking in sport isn’t their only passion. The fitness freak in your life probably loves watching sport too. Once again, this is a great opportunity to find the perfect gift.

Buying tickets to see their favourite sports team in action will never disappoint. Meanwhile, it gives you two (and any other guests) a fantastic day to look forward too. If a match is unavailable, you could always book a stadium tour for an equally amazing experience.



Leisure Items

Working out is important to your loved one, but so is rest. After all, they need to give their body sufficient time to recuperate. If they aren’t at work, or in the gym, there’s a good chance they’re at home relaxing.

If your friend happens to be a gamer, these gift ideas could be perfect. This is especially true if they are already set in their ways with regards to working out. Improving their downtime should work a treat.

Tech Gadgets

Even if the recipient workouts in a regimented way, there are plenty of modern tech gadgets to improve their exercise routines.

Whether it’s a sports watch or another modern gadget, this could push their enjoyment to the next level. Alternatively, you could always buy them an iTunes voucher. Those playlists are a crucial part of the routine.

Sports Nutrition

Everybody understands that exercise and diet go hand in hand. Your fitness freak knows that better than most and is probably very cautious about how they fuel their body.

With a quick peek in their cupboards, you should find whatever supplements they take. Replenish their stock, and they will appreciate the gesture greatly. When they’re buying it all the time, those costs soon add up.


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