Adorable Ways You Can Personalise Your Wedding Day

So, after months of planning, your wedding day is just around the corner! It’s difficult to not get excited about it, even amongst all the stress. Maybe you’ve been engaged for years and it’s been a long time coming, or maybe you’ve just met the love of your life and you’ve fallen head over heels. Whatever your situation, chances all you’ll have had a million and one things to think about when planning the wedding. However, are you feeling as though something is missing? Many people  these days choose to have over the top or themed weddings in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Whilst it’s each to their own when it comes to weddings, not everyone wants to throw something quite so lavish. But, having a personal touch to your big day can help make it more memorable and special.

Include your guests

The wedding isn’t just about the two of you. Who you share your big day with is equally as important – after all, you know what an honour it is to be invited to someone else’s nuptials. Show your guests how much you value their attendance by printing off various polaroids of them to use as their table settings. People will start to reminisce about when and where the photos were taken, helping to create a close atmosphere that truly celebrates great friendships.


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Get photo-creative

In a similar fashion, hand all your guests a disposable camera when they arrive at the venue. Getting snaps from different people, all taken at different angles, will help you see your wedding in a light you never imagined. It is also a great way to see aspects of your wedding that you might have missed in the rush of it all, such as dancefloor antics or your flower girl in action. If you’re happy to only have a photographer for the ceremony itself, it can also save you money too.

Add your touch to the service

The wedding service itself is often an area many couples want to make their own. After all, millions of people get married every day all saying the same thing, so you may want yours to be more personal. If this sounds like you, don’t just stop at writing your own romantic vows. Consider getting some personalised order of service wedding cards to guide your guests through the service. Displaying photos from childhood to adulthood down the aisle, bringing you to the altar, is also a great way to document the journey that brought you and your partner together.


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Modernize your wedding

If traditional isn’t your thing and you want to embrace the 21st century during your wedding day, why not encourage your guests to use a hashtag? If they hashtag everything they post on social media from the day, you will be able to search that for years to come and look back on everyone’s photos. Also consider creating a special wedding cocktail for guests to order at the bar, named after you both. It’s a great way to get your favourite drink into the after party too!


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