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Everyone knows an adrenaline junkie. You know, the kind of person that thinks skydiving is a laugh and has hundreds of Facebook photos that turn you green with envy. Adrenaline junkies make great friends, but they can be a real pain to buy gifts for. Why? Because everything they could possibly want is so downright expensive! Luckily, we’ve put together some awesome gifts for these thrillseekers. Unique gifts that won’t break the bank.

Theme Park Tickets

Okay, so it’s no skydiving, but there’s still nothing quite like a white knuckle ride on a rollercoaster. If you want to give your adrenaline junkie friend something that both of you can enjoy then theme park tickets are the answer. Do some research as to which theme parks have the most exhilarating rides in your area and book a couple of tickets. You can even treat them to lunch on the day if you’re feeling flash.

Camping Adventure

Your adrenaline junkie friends probably won’t be keen on a luxurious weekend break. So, take them camping instead. Not only will it be far cheaper than a weekend in a five-star hotel, but it will also be a lot more fun. You can book a tent pitch for next to nothing and spend the weekend exploring all the countryside has to offer. Hike up hills, go fishing at a lake, and tell ghost stories around the campfire. Cheap and exciting, perfect!

Themed Helicopter Flights

If your friend loves nothing more than being up in the air, then this could be the gift for them. Hover above the Lake District, soar above the three peaks, or be taken on a tour of historic houses in the area. You’ll find that these themed helicopter flights aren’t as expensive as you might think. Some companies offer great prices, and they’re far cheaper than a costly hot air balloon ride or flying lessons.

Useful Gadgets

If you’re not keen on providing your friend with an experience, then consider buying them something useful for their next adventure. There are so many gadgets and tools that are made with adrenaline junkies in mind. From camping equipment to waterproof cameras, here are some of our favourite gifts that keep on giving:

  • A multitool – Every adventurer needs one of these in their lives! You can buy a cheap and cheerful one or splash the cash on something more extravagant.
  • Techy backpacks – You can now buy backpacks that have wireless charging units, earphones built in, and a whole lot more. Spoil your friend with something they’ll use time and time again.
  • Waterproof everything – You can now buy practically everything in a waterproof version. Cameras, phone cases, speakers – you name it, there’s a waterproof version somewhere.
  • Thermal or quick drying underwear – We think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Plus, it’s far better than receiving normal underwear.

Hopefully, you’ve now got plenty of ideas for your adrenaline junkie friend’s upcoming birthday. Who knows, you might even splash out on some of these for yourself too. We’re not giant adventurers, and so we’re playing it safe with some theme park tickets. That’s as white knuckle as we get!

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