If you’re like me, then you’ll usually be in a mad, last minute, rush to buy gifts for parents. It’s not that you don’t care, in fact, it’s the opposite. You care so much you don’t want to get them a bad gift! So you spend days looking for the perfect gift until you’re left with one day left and still nothing! Hopefully, you will find some ideas in this article for the perfect presents for your parents.


Buying for your mum can be a little bit easier than your dad. A mum usually knows what she wants, or you can at least tell what they like. Mum’s tend to drop massive hints around the time of their birthday so keep an ear out. If you still have a few days to go and haven’t got any ideas, then here are some gifts for her:

800px-Candles_in_the_dark(Image Source https://goo.gl/6mPLll)


Mum’s love candles and incense sticks. Get them a lovely set and they’ll love you forever. They’re great way to set a calming presence in the room. Which is perfect for your mum because chances are she’s had a stressful life raising you!

Foot Bath

Perfect for your mother to sit and relax after a long hard day. Footbaths can massage your mother’s feet and leave them feeling stress-free. The great thing about a foot bath is that you can ask to try it out every time you visit her.

Picture Collage

Get your mother something sentimental with a lot of thought put into it. A collage of you and her throughout the years is a great idea. You can have pictures of you as a newborn baby, right through to the present day. Buy a nice frame for it so she can hang it on one of the walls. Nothing shows more love and affection than a photo collage.


Your dad is usually the toughest person to buy for because they never give you any hints. Or they just ask for one thing and you feel it’s not enough! Don’t fret, there are many gift ideas for him if you have a quick look around.


The technology department is always a good place to get gift ideas for your dad. They spend a lot of the time on the sofa, so why not get them a new TV? Smart TV’s are all the range, and they’re a surefire way to please your dad.


Most dads seem to have the same wallet for decades. They carry around some old, tatty, thing that’s filled with years of receipts. Get them something nice and stylish so they can finally throw out the old one.


(Image found on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/9JUwxU)


If there are two drinks your dad loves most, it’s beer and tea. Buy them a nice new pint glass for them to enjoy at home. You can get personalised pint glasses to make it all the more special. Similarly, you can get them a new mug for their tea drinking exploits. There are plenty of cool mug ideas to choose from for your father.

Gift buying for parents needn’t be hard work. All you need is a little inspiration and you can get them the best presents ever!

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