These days, I think we all know a fashion conscious guy or two. In some instances, you may feel obliged to buy this fashion conscious man a gift. Here, I have a few great ideas for you if you’re stuck!

A Timeless Coat

If you feel confident picking clothes for a man, then go ahead and buy them a timeless coat. Buying them a coat that suits the trends today might be nice, but it won’t last very long. A gift should give somebody years of joy! Timeless coats include the trench, crombie, and parka.


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A Luxury Watch

If you’ve got the budget, a luxury watch could be the perfect gift. You’ll need to do a lot of research though, for example:

  • How would you describe their style?
  • What jewelry do they currently own?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What models are renowned for being the best/best value for money?

Once you’ve done your research, you can go watch shopping!

A New Beard Trimmer

Designer stubble and beards are all the rage these days, but fashion conscious guys don’t just let them grow out willy nilly. They keep them manicured and looking neat with the help of a good beard trimmer. Treat them to a quality model!

A Man’s Manicure Kit

Got a guy who likes to take care of his hands? A manicure kit for men could be the answer. The right kit will help them tidy up their cuticles, file and trim their nails, as well as moisturise their hands.

A Man Bag

Some men turn their nose up at the man bag, but just take Joey from friends as an example. He didn’t like the look of the man bag at first, and then he fell in love with it!

A Real Leather Wallet

A real leather wallet is a brilliant gift to give. I love the way leather wallets for men get more character over time. Cheaper wallets only end up falling apart!

A Skincare Kit

Fashion conscious men should probably be conscious of their skin too. A skincare kit that includes a cleanser and moisturiser could be the best gift you ever give them. They’ll soon realise why women make so much fuss!

Quality Boxer Shorts

If you’d feel comfortable handing boxer shorts over to this man, you should. Quality boxer shorts always last longer than cheap, high street brands. Plus, they look better (so this is a great idea if the guy is your boyfriend – you get to see him in them!).

…And if You want a Laugh

If you want to make the guy (hopefully) laugh, buy him a Spock oven mitt. If he doesn’t laugh at this, he’s too vain for you anyway!

I hope you’ve got some great ideas from this gift guide and know exactly what to buy. In fact, if you have any more ideas for our readers, leave a comment below. Even if the fashion conscious guy doesn’t like his gift, it’s the thought that counts (and there’s obviously something wrong with him)!


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