While some people prefer to stay close to their friends and family, others move away, sometimes half-way across the world. If you have friends and family who live abroad, you might find it hard to buy gifts for them. There are a few things you need to think about, such as postage costs, what you can import and international payments. It can be difficult to think of what to send them, and whether to send it from home or order from someone local to your loved one. If you want to send a gift to someone overseas, here are some excellent ideas that they’re sure to love.

A Care Package

If your friend or family member has moved abroad, you can guarantee they get homesick on occasion. Even if they mainly enjoy their new home, there are always things that people miss. If you know there are things that they lust after and can’t get where they live now, you could put together a package for them. You could send them snacks, memorabilia for their favorite sports team or even something from their favorite store. Before you send any food, seeds or other organic matter, check the rules for what you can import into the country.

Gift Hampers

If you want to save yourself money by avoiding international delivery, there are some things that are ideal for ordering for delivery in the same country. Many services that sell gift hampers take international payments so that you can pay for the present from afar. For example, if you have loved ones Down Under, Boxt delivers hampers and gifts Australia-wide. Hampers are perfect for sending a thoughtful selection of items, and no one will have to pay expensive delivery or import costs.


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Tech for Keeping in Touch

When your friends and family are far away, keeping in touch can be difficult. But there are plenty of ways to make it easier if you know how. Technology can be a great help in making contact easier whether you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away. A webcam is an excellent idea to help people talk to their friends and family face-to-face. Another option could be a tablet or even international credit for their chosen phone service.


Many flower delivery services are also perfect for international orders. It’s easy to buy a bouquet that will be sent from your loved one’s current country of residence so they’ll arrive still beautiful and fresh. Some services will offer other options too, such as cards, chocolates or bottles of wine.

Jewelry and Accessories

If you want to send something from home but avoid paying huge shipping fees, look for small and light gifts. Jewelry, as long as it isn’t too expensive, and small accessories are ideal for mailing to someone in another country. You don’t need to put them in a giant box or pay huge amounts to ensure them. And your gift is sure to be appreciated all the same.

Buying a gift for someone who lives overseas isn’t too hard once you have a few ideas to start with. You can get them something they’ll love without worrying too much about how it will get there.


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