Your Carefree Wedding! Seven Steps For A Perfect Stress Free Day

Your wedding can be one of the most stressful days of your life. Here are some tips on how to let it all run smoothly.

Focus On What You Really Want


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Decide what you really prioritise over everything else. Some things you’ve seen at other people’s weddings might leave you cold – for example, maybe you aren’t a flower person, so you’d rather focus on the food. Maybe you’ve got a big family that you’d like to invite, so you don’t want to spend too much on going to a destination that they probably won’t be able to join you at. The most important thing is that you decide on what’s right for you and your partner.

Keep To Your Budget

It’s crucial that you make a budget and that you keep to it – no one wants to start their married life with debts of thousands hanging over them. Not only will this put a strain on your relationship, but it might cause you to have negative feelings about your wedding day, which you would prefer to look back on happily. Make sure you budget for any surprises as well, like extra guests or added expenses that you hadn’t bargained on, so you don’t get any nasty financial shocks when you look at your credit card bill when you get home from your honeymoon.

Plan Your Day Carefully


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Make sure that you plan out exactly what you want – make a spreadsheet so you can easily keep track of which guests have RSVP’d to your ceremony and to your evening, and so you can check out what you have and haven’t paid for at a single glance. Write down your deadlines to hand over payment and your last day to back out of various commitments without losing your deposit in case you change your mind. Careful planning will mean that the day itself will go off without a hitch and that you’ll be a lot less worried about it on the run-up to your wedding. Make sure you send out wedding invitations with all the information on so your guests don’t get confused about anything.

Focus On Your Relationship


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During any stressful situations, you often tend to start squabbling with your partner, and wedding planning will be no different from that – which is odd, considering that it’s all about your future! Before you get married is an ideal time to sit down together and make sure that you want the same things from your future together. If he doesn’t want to have kids but you do, bear in mind that this isn’t something that you can change. Before you get married is really your last chance to detangle your lives from each other’s if you decide with regret that being together isn’t right for you. It’s a good time to get couple’s counselling so you can iron out any last issues. Finally, you should make sure that you spend plenty of time together! Take a short trip a month before the wedding to really enjoy being together, and make sure that you enjoy your regular date nights. You could even make a romantic outing out of going cake testing together!

Get Help From Your Friends And Family


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If you need to, feel free to lean on your friends and family. Remember that they love you and that they’re there to support you. Of course you need to make sure that you aren’t a bridezilla and that you’re not asking for more of their time than is reasonable – but taking a friend along to give you an honest opinion when you get your practise makeup done is a great idea, and you can spend a few fun evenings with your mum making table decorations together. Buy nice personalised gifts for your bridal party and for your close family to thank them for their help and support.

Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You Need

There’s absolutely no point in rushing yourself! You might think that you can get a huge wedding organised in three months, but chances are you’ll just stress yourself out and end up hating the process of it. Give yourself time to enjoy picking out your perfect bridal gown and bridesmaid’s dresses, and look around at plenty of venues to decide which the best one is for you. If you have to schedule your wedding a little further into the future, so be it – the lack of stress will be absolutely worth it.

Make Sure You Enjoy It


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Ensure that everything is sorted out before the day of your actual wedding so you can just focus on getting ready and feeling beautiful. If everything is already organised and effectively communicated to everyone involved, then your big day will run without a hitch!

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