Christmas Eve Boxes: The Perfect Gifts To Include For Anyone

Christmas Eve boxes or care packages are fast becoming popular year on year. Once just seen as a little thing to open for young children the night before christmas day. Has now turned into a full on event that even adults are getting involved in. In theory, christmas eve boxes should include some lovely items that can be used the night before. So think about things like pyjamas and socks. Christmas DVD’s and books. Even perhaps including the traditional items left for Father Christmas the night before. However, as each year passes this new tradition is growing. So I thought it would be a great time to share with you some of the items you could include in these boxes that would work well for children and adults alike. While it may seem far away now, before we know christmas will be right around the corner.



Something to eat and drink

Who doesn’t love a treat around christmas time? This is why including food and drink in your christmas eve box is perfect. You might want to include some chocolate or treats for the evening. Perhaps popcorn if you are hoping to watch the DVD you most likely already included. For adults, you may want to indulge in their favourite box of chocolates. Or even consider adding a cheeky bottle of wine to enjoy once the children are in bed. Children’s drinks could include hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows. Allowing them to indulge in the ultimate christmas drink.

Cute little ornaments to display

You may want to create a new tradition of displaying little themed ornaments each year. Often this can help you build up a lovely collection as each year passes. Fun Christmas Ornaments can be purchased online enabling you to get some quirky and unusual items. They are great little additions to a christmas eve box and work well for a child or an adult.



A christmas jumper for the following day

You don’t have to include just things for the night before. A christmas eve box could have items ready for the next day ahead. For children, you may want to include a new outfit that they can wear for the day. Something special or christmasy. You may just want to include the old favourite christmas jumper. This is something the whole family could be involved in by having jumpers and outfits that are co-ordinated.

Create a themed box

Sometimes it’s good to be a little different. So you may want to create a theme for your box instead of thinking about standard christmas items. Perhaps your children are into a particular character at the moment. So making theirs themed around that could provide much more inspiration on what to include. For adults, you might want to make it particularly foodie, or for the women you could make it a pamper box. Allowing them a little relaxation time before a busy day ahead.

Mugs and cups

Finally, a great addition would be a christmas mug or something personalised. Perfect for that warm drink the night before or on christmas morning itself.

I hope this has inspired you to create a christmas eve box for your loved ones this year.


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