We all love receiving gifts as well as giving them, right? Naturally, we’re not always completely flush with cash though and might need to find great items that allow us to please as well as stay inside our monetary restrictions (especially these days, am I right?). The following gift ideas are great for those on a tight budget…

Image 3D

Image 3D

If you’re low on dough and would still really like to provide a loved one or friend with an incredibly unique gift, why not a nifty customized 3D viewer? This is really only advisable if both you and your intended recipient are really into photography or have something special that’s worth preserving in this format. But for a fairly low price you can actually hand them a box containing a viewing device as well as a round viewing picture reel containing all the pics you uploaded. Oh yeah, btw, didn’t we mention that you could accomplish all of this online? Perhaps this still is above your budget here though…

Monthly subscriptions

Netflix Sub

By and large, regardless of who you are buying a gift for, you can’t really go wrong with a monthly subscription of some kind. For instance, if your target is a gamer, granting them access to Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network (PSN) certainly isn’t going to hurt their feelings. Similarly, if they haven’t got a Netflix or Hulu Plus account now’s the time to introduce them to the glory of online streaming services. Things aren’t just limited to entertainment of course; you can also look at spa coupons as well as more esoteric offerings. The bottom line is that the better you know them the more accurate you’re ultimately going to be with your choice(s).

Learn to cook one great meal and serve it up with style

Nice Meal

If you want to both impress someone as well as present them with a nice gift then cooking is always in order. You actually might want to subtly find out what their favorite dish is, of course, and then over time really master a particularly tasty and tricky variation of it, inviting them over when the time is right, springing a delicious dinner on them. Assuming that you’re up to the culinary challenge they’ll surely be delighted.

Smartphone cases and accessories


Let’s face it, everyone has a smartphone these days and there are tons of great, cheap gift ideas that you can squeeze out of that fact. Perhaps the easiest route is to simply purchase a nifty case of some kind for them. Quite obviously you want to make sure that it matches their particular style as well as the make and model of their particular phone. For example, if they’re an enormous fan of Minecraft then a Minecraft-themed case / shell is a definite must. Whenever possible you should look for things that are handmade, that sends a particularly strong quality signal to the recipient. Of course if you’re a bit more adventurous and want to really wow them then check out any of the items listed here for ideas.

A small gift or activity with benefits

Friends dvd

Sometimes the best gift is one that implies additional time spent together. For instance, if you provide someone with a puzzle to be pieced together, including a note that lays out a schedule for completing the task, that’s a really dynamic present, after all, they’re being treated multiple times instead of just the one instance. Likewise, you might consider things like vintage or new board games, or perhaps some particular DVD / Blu-Ray collection they might enjoy. Heck, even picking up a season or two of their favorite tv show on disc is usually a big cause for celebration.

Create an amazing “grab bag”

grab bag

Who says that your incredible gift has to be one solitary thing, eh? You can obviously just visit a strange or compelling thrift store and snag a whole bunch of stuff spending a tiny bit on each item. Perhaps even better, many people recommend doing this exact same thing but via a site like amazon.com, where there is an incredible selection out there to choose from spanning a very wide set of product categories. Again, always subtly question them to find out what it is that they’re most into if you’re still discovering each other’s quirks.

Baked goods, chocolate or flowers


When all else fails and you can’t think of a single think to get for someone, revert back to the classics – baked goods, chocolate or flowers. In truth, you really can’t go wrong here and it’s all ultimately about presentation. Seriously, who doesn’t like fresh cookies or some particularly tasty chocolate? Similarly, flowers certainly make a nice statement and will continue to add charm to an area for quite a while if put on display.

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