If you’ve got a friend or someone in your family who is about to hit an age landmark, then their celebration has got to be BIG. For any big birthday, there will be delight about coming of age, and commiserations about leaving behind some of your youth. Every big celebration starts with a gift, so here are some great ideas for each of those big numbers:

18 – Your nearest and dearest has finally become an adult, at least in the eyes of the law! For an 18th birthday gift, some people like to hand over money. This is usually with the intention of it being used as part of a college or university fund. For something really extravagant, why not buy a car? Cheaper options include VIP tickets for a gig or concert and vouchers.

21 – At 21, a drink is often the most popular way to celebrate. Some people are given a bottle of whisky that was distilled in the year of their birth. Others just get a keg! At 21, you are saying goodbye to youth and hello to life as a mature and responsible adult. A wild night as a VIP in the city’s hottest nightclub might be in order!


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30 – This age is where most people start to feel their youthful days are behind them. This is the perfect time for a huge celebration though. 30 is a really big deal, especially for those still clawing their way up the career and relationship ladder. For great 30th birthday gifts, you can buy an Experience package like driving a sports car, or even flying a helicopter. It will certainly be memorable.

40 – Most of us at this age have a young family to think about. It might have been a while since they have had a chance to treat themselves. Offer to babysit for the weekend, and let them head off for a city tour or break. For the more active 40-year-old, try some action and adventure as an Experience gift. White water rafting might be better suited to fitter 40-year-olds.

50 – The half-century mark is a really big deal. Not only do those turning fifty have a wealth of experience, but they also have more time to themselves. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some of the best vacation gifts you can buy. Why not get them a golfing weekend or a trip to a city they’ve always wanted to visit?

65 – This is the age when people have traditionally retired, so a big birthday bash is usually tied in with this event. Personalized gifts in silver and crystal are common. Rare bottles of whisky are all traditional gifts to give.

Buying a gift for a really big birthday is perhaps a little more challenging than for others. It needs to be a little more extravagant, which can make it a little more expensive! You might be able to collaborate with the birthday boy or girl to find out what would be the ideal gift. For a big birthday, the surprise is usually the best bit.

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