Buying for Dad is never an easy undertaking. Dads never seem to tell you what they would like for a present, but they also seem to have already everything they could want. Dads don’t seem to have as many interests and hobbies as other members of the family. And they don’t seem to have any interest in taking up new ones. Dads are tricky. But we all know our Dads pretty well. They work hard and take on a lot of the pressures of the household and family. Perhaps the best gift you could be find would be something to help him relax and unwind? Check out these awesome ideas:

Massage chair – Every dad complains about aching backs, shoulders, and limbs. They pull those weird faces and make those annoying grunts just to remind us! Now you can be the star child who helped the old man be rid of all those uncomfortable twinges for good. You can find ones like the iJoy Massage Chair online. When you’re buying one, look for the comfort, style, and functionality. If it doesn’t look good, it may put Dad off from even giving it a go.

Beer fridge – There are some great little beer and drinks coolers on the market at the moment that can easily tuck in next to his seat. No more interruptions to the game or news to grab the next beer! Pop it in place, turn it on and sit him down in his favorite recliner. Feet up and ready for an afternoon of relaxing, your Dad will be bowled over by this awesome TV room addition.

On demand – TV and movies on demand do make life so much easier. If your Dad knows what he likes, and likes what he knows, then TV on demand could be the perfect gift. Amazon Fire TV is making huge waves at the moment. For just a few dollars, you can pick up the kit for access to thousands of TV boxsets and movies from any HDMI TV. For an annual subscription, you can have free access to most of the content. Other providers like Netflix offer you a pay as you go monthly subscription, but you would need a Smart TV to access this.

Garden room – For the ultimate man space, why not treat your dad to a garden room. These luxury wooden structures are similar to garden sheds but bigger and better suited to be used as a room all year round. You can install power and lighting, and have proper floors too. This makes it ideal as a Dad den for him to potter, jam on his guitar, or work on his projects. If he’s got the square footage in his garden, why not order one of these today? You’ll need a few weeks to get it manufactured and built in situ, so book it in early.

Buying for Dad doesn’t always need to be about material possessions. You can buy things to enhance his lifestyle and improve his wellbeing too. See what you can pick up to help Dad relax next time you’re stuck for gift ideas.

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