Got a friend or a relative who’s just given birth? Well, congratulations! How are you going to celebrate? A bottle of wine? Fine chocolates? How about something a little more practical. New parents need everything they can get. Having children is expensive after all. Every little comfort item for the baby is appreciated.


Babies need to stay warm. That’s a fact. They’re very susceptible to the cold. Not to mention any potential colds they may catch from exposure. A great deal of your body heat escapes from your head. The top of it for example.

This is why hats are so important for babies. If keeps their heads insulated. Now you could buy a hat yourself, or you could make one. Just so long as it fits.


Every baby needs a blanket. It needs several actually. Accidents can happen, and things can get dirty. It’s always good to have a few spares lying around while the other blankets are spinning in the washing machine.

Don’t think you’re relegated to just plain old cotton blankets either. At, you can get fuzzy swaddles and blankets with a silk lining. You can get them personalized too if you want to stick the baby’s name on there.

A blanket may stay with a baby well into childhood. Some children are still very attached to items they had as very young children. It brings them security and comfort.

Stuffed Animals

Some people just dismiss these as just decoration, but they’re wrong. When babies are young, they are very much into touching and feeling what is around them. It’s good to surround them with soft objects. They love to grab too, and a stuffed animal is something good for them to latch onto.

Babies can get very attached to these stuffed animals. It’s quite sweet actually. Some believe it teaches the first expressions of love. You’ll see some children who can’t part with their stuffed animals.

Luckily a lot of them are machine washable and fairly sturdy. While babies are unlikely to do much to them, as they grow older they may be a bit more rough and rumble.


Just like heat escapes the top of your head, it can escape the soles of your feet too. Babies shouldn’t really have their feet exposed in most situations. What’s the solution to this? Boots.

Soft knitted or cotton boots are usually what people expect. The thing about a lot of baby clothes is that they are outgrown dramatically quick. If you’re going to be buying boots, why not get a few pairs in ascending sizes?

Buying for babies can be a little tough. It is hard to make yourself stand out when all you’re buying are the baby basics. Don’t worry though, the parents don’t need anything other than that.

So long as you are supporting them with these essentials, you’re doing them a great favor. Not everything has to be a big, grand gesture. It’s the thought that counts after all.

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