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So, you’ve just started dating your new woman, and the time has arrived to get her a gift. This is always an awkward time in the life of any budding relationship. It might be a birthday or Christmas coming up. It could even be that the days are creeping towards Valentine’s Day. Or, perhaps you just want to surprise her by getting her a gift just for being her.

Whatever the occasion you need to realise that it can be difficult to buy for a woman. Even more so if you’ve just started dating her. Well, with this handy gift guide you can turn her into a gushing girlfriend!


Perfume is often the old reliable when it comes to gifts for women. It’s something you can’t really go wrong with, and that’s why so many men choose it. Of course, this would be an excellent choice for your girl as long as you know what she likes. Find out the type of perfume she owns or likes. It might even be worth talking to friends and family to find this out. Once you know what she’s into you can surprise her with a bottle.


Through the years, men have always used flowers in an attempt to woo their women. And there is something wonderfully spontaneous about buying flowers. If you really want to have her blushing and gushing, you should think about getting flowers delivered to her. Contact flower delivery services and arrange to get them delivered to her place of work. This will be a wonderful surprise and a really nice romantic gesture. It shows her you care and illustrates how spontaneous you can be.


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Personal Touch

Sometimes you might find yourself struggling for ideas, or you might even be on a tight budget. And that’s where gifts with a more personal touch come into play. For instance, you might be aware that she has a keen interest in photography but hasn’t done any for a long while. In this instance, the perfect kind of gift would be to buy her a blank photo album with maybe a little message and some decoration inside. This is thoughtful and shows you take an interest in her interests. It’s also a great way to get an excellent gift on a tight budget.

DIY Gin!

These days it’s become all the rage again to use home brew kits. Yo9u normally associate these with beer. But an excellent choice for your new woman might be a DIY gin kit. This way she can customise and make whatever type of gin she wants. Of course, it helps if she likes gin in the first place. But if she does this would be a great idea because it’s something unique and interesting.

These are a few great gift ideas to be getting on with. The trick when buying presents is always to think outside the box a little bit. And of course, a rich helping of spontaneity is always useful too. Hopefully, you can use this guide to surprise your new woman, make her blush, and get massive boyfriend points.


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