Can you remember the last time you received a present and thought that was the nicest, most thoughtful thing? You were genuinely touched. You were moved.  Was it the gift itself that moved you?  It is more likely that the act of giving was the thing that made the difference.  So, does it matter what you give?  Absolutely! No doubt you have been on the end of a few presents that left you feeling a little bit flat. Not to worry. This failsafe guide will have you choosing the perfect gift for anyone. A gift that will make them feel good.


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It’s not about you!

I know, it’s not fun, but this isn’t the perfect occasion to go shopping for what you would like.  Instead, you task is to become a bit of a detective. You need to find out something about the recipient.


If you have been around this person for a while, even a short time, and if you have been listening, you might well already have the clue you need. They might even have talked about things they would like if they could or things they’d love to own.  Is there any help there? Perhaps they mentioned it some time ago. Try and remember!  This presumes that the request was within your budget. You might not have to pay upfront; you could pay weekly for bad credit history.

What are they interested in?

This is key clue and understanding this will give you a range of options to consider. Hobbies, pastimes and interests all give you clues as to possible gift ideas. If you are not sure, take an opportunity to find out. If this is not possible, then ask someone who knows them to find out. That way they might not guess you are asking.

What are they like?

You’ll get a good clue from personality. What sort of lifestyle do they lead? Are they the outdoors type or do they prefer sedentary activities? Are they old or young and crucially male or female?

A particular year of birth of even a star sign can help you when thinking about suitable presents.

Write it all down

This is time to brainstorm and start to get down to some results.  There are plenty of places to get ideas. Gift websites are filled with suggestions.  Think of things that are related say either golf or gardening.

What if they have everything?

Lucky them but this allows you to move into general gift baskets or a smaller number of related fun things that will come in useful to them. Smaller items can be placed together, and you could easily incorporate fun and novelty items.

If in doubt personalise!

The saying, ‘it’s not the gift that counts,’ means the thought is more important. Your gift will be appreciated even more if it is personalised. That could mean something as simple as wrapping it yourself and attaching a tag.  It could mean writing a heartfelt card.  If you are stuck for ideas or time, sometimes a gift voucher with a meaningful message is a great option. Whatever you decide to give, your thoughtful approach will make someone’s day.


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