Many people who struggle to find inspiration for a gift for a loved one or family member wish that they could give a gift that is more personal. Some retailers offer a limited number of products that can be personalised. But this is often restricted to just adding a single word or name. Instead, you can use your skills as a photographer to provide a beautiful gift that features the people your recipient loves the most. Don’t worry if you don’t rate your photographic skills. Here are some tips:

Think about what you want to capture. If your sister has just had a baby, then a picture of the new arrival will be perfect as a gift. A baby this young won’t pose for you, so you must put yourself in a good position to photograph their face. Baby’s hands make perfect photos too, so try to include them. You may need to ask permission to temporarily remove a scratch mitt!

A picture of a family occasion helps keep the memory of it fresh. Sometimes it’s nice to capture a natural scene of people enjoying themselves. But to be sure everyone is visible and looking their best you might want to pose the shot. Sit them in a group facing to your right, and then ask them to turn their heads directly to the camera. This makes for a deeper looking image than when photographed straight on.

To take the perfect picture, you will have to take lots of the same subject. That way you increase your chances of finding the one that captured the perfect moment. Discard the rest, so you don’t run out of storage, especially if you are using your smartphone. There are many great apps for smartphones to help you crop the picture or improve the brightness. Alternatively, when you upload the image for printing, you can make some final touches there.

Once you have your image, you will need to present it. Canvas arts were popular for a while, but they are big and bulky and often better suited to landscapes rather than portraits. Instead pick something from a good range of silver photo frames, as silver works brilliantly with any colour. It matches most decor choices too!

When you give a photograph as a present, you can usually find a gift box that matches the photo frame. Insert some coloured tissue to wrap over the frame. Keep the picture face up, but pop a little foam or bubble wrap over the glass to protect it. Finally, you can wrap the gift box in a bow, and add a gift card.

A treasured photograph of a favourite moment makes a wonderful gift for any family member. It may take longer to prepare and require more care, but it’s a great gift if you’re on a tight budget. If your photograph captures a beautiful landscape, then a medium sized canvas art may be nice.

Generally, photographs for frames work best in a six or seven-inch format. You don’t want the frame to be too big if it’s to be displayed on a cabinet. A frame for the wall could be as big as a ten-by-eight-inch picture. Happy snapping!

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