Buying gifts for kids is either very easy or very difficult, depending on the child. Many kids will happily accept anything you give them, especially the younger ones. But others are pickier and have a long list of things they’ve seen on TV or at their friend’s house. Some people want to give children gifts they’ll love, but they also want them to be educational. If you have children, grandchildren or nieces and nephews and you want them to learn from their gifts, there are lots of options. From educational puzzles to toys that help them develop without their knowledge, there’s lots to choose from.

Modeling and Building Toys

Most kids love anything that they can build from scratch. They get a great sense of achievement when they complete their task and can look at what they’ve made. There are lots of model building and construction kits that kids will love, and you can get them for all ages. Little ones can start off with things like Duplo, and then they can move onto Lego, Meccano, and other construction toys. Slightly more fiddly models are excellent for older kids too, and they can both paint them and put them together.

Arts and Science Kits

If you have kids who like to get stuck into an activity and perform experiments, there are sets for both art and science. You can get them something scientific, like a solar system set they can build or a chemistry set. But you can also encourage their creative side with arts and crafts kits too. Remember, there are lots of different types of education. They could make anything from crystals to chocolate using smart and easy to use sets.


Books are perfect for kids of any age, and it’s never too early to start reading to them and with them. There’s more than just books to read too, as you can get activity books and guides to teach them how to do something new. If you look at a site like, you’ll see lots of different options. You could buy them a storybook, a sticker book or some tutorials to teach them how to draw or make something.

Educational Soft Toys

You might be surprised, but cuddly toys can be educational too. Your kids might already have lots of teddy bears, dogs, and elephants, but they might not have anything more unusual. You can get soft toys in all kinds of shapes, from planets and other celestial objects to microbes and rare animals.


There are so many educational games out there that you’ll probably find it hard to pick. There are puzzles, memory games, board games, and more. To narrow it down, think about what you want them to learn. You could choose a word game, a number game or something to help them think strategically.

You shouldn’t be short of ideas if you want to get someone an educational gift. Whether they’re quiet and bookish or loud and outgoing, they’re sure to become absorbed in whatever you get them.

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