Whether you have a little boy’s birthday coming up or you’re just thinking of Christmas, these gifts are perfect. You could even choose something from the list if you’re buying for no reason at all. There’s something to suit all budgets. Take a look and see if you can find something suitable:

A Spud Gun

The spud gun is a seriously fun gift that little boys can wreak some havoc with. With this gun and a potato, they can shoot things up to their heart’s content. Nobody will get harmed as they play, so don’t worry. You might find bits of potato on your windows, but the fun they have is so worth it!

Action Heroes

What little boy doesn’t love a good action hero to look up to? There are so many these days; star wars action heroes, Minecraft, Doctor Who…the list goes on! They’ll love getting a character they love in doll form. You could even get them a collectable character so they can build up a collection! This could become their very own ‘A team’ of heroes.

Water Bomb Sets

Water bomb sets are a brilliant gift if you don’t mind having a few water balloon fights. Little boys will have hours of fun filling these up and throwing these at you. Better yet, why not let them invite some of their friends over so you can be spared a soaking?



A Flying Helicopter

Flying a real life helicopter is a lot of fun, even if it is a miniature version. A remote control helicopter doesn’t need to be expensive either; you can find something real cheap that does the same job of something expensive.  You could spend hundreds/thousands on a drone, but why would you do that when you can find something that does the same job for pennies in comparison?

Football Merchandise

Does your little boy love football? Football merchandise is always a good bet. Just make sure you find his favourite team! You could buy a kit, a ball, or anything to do with their football team. There are even non-football related items, such as notebooks and pens. They’ll appreciate anything if they’re football mad!

Toy Cars

Toy cars can provide hours of entertainment, especially if you can get a track for them to use too! Some of them they can even hop on and peddle themselves. These make great birthday gifts.


Getting active is a must as children, and a boomerang allows kids to do just that. They’ll have so much fun in a big open space with a boomerang. If you want to play too, a frisbee is also an option.

Fake Tattoos

Fake tattoos are great for dressing up or just allowing your little boy to express himself. Kids love these and enjoy showing them off!

I hope you like these ideas and that they’ve given you some inspiration for your next shopping trip. I think as long as it makes a mess, it’s usually a good gift to give them! Bye for now!

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