When it comes to buying a gift, it can seem like the person we’re buying for is expecting an expensive present. But they probably aren’t because most people do not have enough money in the bank to constantly be buying gifts that cost a fortune. Besides, you can buy smaller, less costly gifts that ultimately make a bigger impression. Some of these will be valued more than a present that cost a fortune because they show you have thought about what to buy.

A Calendar Or Diary

First, these are two gifts that at the end of the year, most people will both want and need. I don’t know about you, but I constantly forget important dates, and if I had a diary, I might be able to keep track. More importantly, if you buy this gift, you have the chance to show you know a person. You can buy them with lots of different themes, variations or characters. If you pick on they love, it shows you listen, and you know what makes them happy. If you want to find a great one just search of “buy a diary online” and you’ll find plenty of links. After all, we are approaching the end of the year and before long, it will be the beginning of a new one.

A Hand Written Poem

Of course, if you have got a little bit of creativity in your blood, you can cut out the cost completely. People think writing poetry is difficult, but it isn’t really. You just need a touch of inspiration. When you write it, think about a meaningful memory and what you were feeling at the time towards the special person. It doesn’t have to rhyme so don’t worry about that, just try to write in rhythm, alternating the syllables in each stanza or line. You will be amazed by what you can write when you try.

A Token For One Day Together

I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used this gift idea when I’ve been low on cash for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You type, or handwrite a beautifully designed ticket for your parent. You then give it to them and say that the ticket is for a day of their choosing. You can do anything they want whether that’s catering for them or spending a day watching TV. They will love the gesture, and you will have saved money on a gift.

A Photo In A Frame

Another great gift idea, usually one that you can give to girlfriend or boyfriend. Just find a photo on your phone or the two of you together that you love. Print it off, get it laminated and put it in a nice frame. Wrap it up and you have got the perfect gift for either Valentines’ or your partner’s birthday. The expensive version of this gift is buying a digital picture frame and uploading it with lots of pictures.

But you see, gifts don’t have to be expensive. The smallest present can end up meaning a lot more.

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