When it comes to giving presents, they say it’s the thought that counts. Those sentiments ring especially true at Christmas.


As Andy Williams famously sang, the festive period is “the most wonderful time of the year”. It’s a time for love, laughter, and creating lifelong memories.


Christmas would be nothing without friends and family.  Therefore, it’s only natural that we want to give our loved ones an absolutely perfect gift. Consequently, the best time of year also becomes one of the most stressful.


Make no mistake; receiving a great present can enhance our Christmas tenfold. However, it isn’t the actual content of the gift that makes us happy. Instead, the meaning behind it is paramount. Taking this into account, the mentality that plagues millions of us is almost unbelievable.


Yet, most of us tend to fall into the trap of buying commercialised gifts that say absolute nothing about our relationships with friends and family. It’s time to change your habits by bringing personality back into the art of giving presents.


The influence of advertising has encouraged us to believe that you must spend huge sums of money in order for a gift to be considered worthwhile. However, those theories couldn’t be further from the truth and most recipients would much rather get a personalised present that reflects their relationship with their gift giver.


Presents are an important and iconic part of Christmas, but most agree that they aren’t the most significant part of the festive season. In fact, the list of the day’s best things is primarily made up of small gestures and traditions that reinforce the idea that spending time with friends and family is the thing we all cherish most.


It’s time to start acknowledging these feelings when it comes to buying presents.


Sourcing the perfect gift isn’t about money, it’s about spirit. There’s no need to panic, even if you’re a little strapped for cash. Buying presents on a tight budget might seem a daunting task, but it’s certainly possible.


Ultimately, as the gift sender, you are aiming for something special. So make your present special by creating an everlasting memory for the receiver.


Giving a present that will remind the recipient of the great times you’ve shared will be far more rewarding than the bland short-term fix provided by most ordinary gifts. For example, these unique Christmas gift ideas will not only light up your loved ones faces this year, but will continue to enhance their festive season for years to come. Surely that’s got to be better than something that will be forgotten within a matter of weeks.


Christmas is a truly magical time. Putting smiles on the faces of our loved ones is easily the most special part of the whole festivity, and giving gifts is a great opportunity to do just that.  It’s not the size or prize that matters. The effort is what your friends and family will appreciate most.


Whatever you do this festive season, make this the year that you start giving from the heart once more.

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