If you clicked on this article then that means you are either a foodie, a friend of one or scratching your head wondering what a blasted “foodie” is. Well, to clarify, this simply refers to a person that shows intense interest in various foodstuffs, perhaps leaning more heavily toward gourmet offerings while seeing culinary exploration as more of a “hobby”. Naturally, foodies aren’t exactly the easiest crowd to please and for the most part many experienced individuals might have already explored a lot of what’s out there, so buying gifts for them can be well…challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of ideas…

Bourbon smoked flavor enhancements

Perhaps one of the neatest additions that anyone can make to their kitchen toolset is that of bourbon smoked sugars, salts and peppers. If you’re completely confused right now, then head over to amazon.com to see what we’re talking about for yourself. Basically, these fine ingredients are tailored to yield a rich, yet delicate smoky flavor to the mix. Any dedicated foodie will find oodles of different uses for these and likewise, there are tons of different choices to choose from too. Some standout favorites include:

Alessi Teaspoon Tea Bag Squeezer

Making tea isn’t really that much of a hassle but you cannot deny that trying to wrangle tea bags isn’t always efficient. Many might opt to just waste all the extra goodness inside or mash it with a spoon, for instance. Well, if you’re wondering if they have a specific tool for this job, wonder no longer – the Alessi Teaspoon Tea Bag Squeezer is an implement with a built in groove that allows you to effortlessly stir and then milk every last bit of usefulness out of a bag. Truly a great gift idea for the person who that frequently drinks quite a lot of tea.

Bar10der The Ultimate Cocktail Tool

Speaking of useful implements, the Bar10der The Ultimate Cocktail Tool is just that…an incredible all in one product that pretty much has you covered on all fronts with regards to making and serving up alcoholic beverages. In short, it contains all of the implements you’d ever need while remaining compact and stylish. These include a: Bottle opener, Channel knife, Corkscrew, Jigger, Knife, Muddler, Reamer, Stirrer, Strainer, and Zester. Likewise, it makes for a great travel companion too, whether you’re the jet-setting type or just need something to round out your camping arsenal.

Viners Cheese Board

Viners 5-Piece Cheese Set

Any self-respecting foodie needs to familiarize themselves with a variety of gourmet cheeses, right? Of course, there’s the issue of (again) having all the right implements at hand to not only serve things up correctly, but to also enhance presentation, which is vital, to be sure. The Viners Cheese Board might seem like an ordinary wooden platter for cheese but hidden inside / beneath its surface lies a variety of different tools that the erudite will find to be infinitely useful.

Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library

No decent, self-respecting foodie list would be complete without at least one entry involving copious amounts of chocolate. The Vosges Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library is an amazing gluten-free offering which adds no less than nine ½ ounce bars to a package which is meant to resemble a box set of books. Moreover, it’s priced relatively low and takes on a very high class visage, making it an incredible choice for gift-givers operating on tight budgets who want to please picky foodies.

Bordeaux region row of vines

Now here’s something that will really get a foodie excited – a claim on an actual row of vines from the Bordeaux region of France (St Emilion Grand Cru vines,). According to online information, you’ll receive vintage wines in addition to a thermometer and even a tour of the vineyard itself. It goes without saying that wine originating from this region is beyond famous, it is indeed legendary. For the individual who really appreciates such things this sort of gift will definitely leave an incredibly positive and indelible mark that won’t soon fade from memory.

Los Tres – Variety Pack

Los Tres – Variety Pack

Lastly, we have a gift idea that will excite those who are looking for something hot and spicy, the Los Tres Variety Pack. Essentially, it is a combination of hot boutique salsas which would be perfect for impressing guests as a chip dip or perhaps even to be used as a cooking ingredient. All three offerings, consisting of Xalapa, Poblanos, and Jalapenos flavorings are “fire roasted and marinated in special seasonings”, which is what ultimately makes them so savory and special. Likewise, they’re fairly inexpensive too and certainly get people’s attention.

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