Each and every year we see a whole new slew of toys rolled out by numerous companies, each one of them eager to cash in on the big sales spike occurring around the holidays. 2014 in particular has seen all sorts of interesting new playthings emerge, many of which are indeed both fun as well as educational for today’s modern children. The following items stand out as perhaps some of the best picks that parents can make…

Parum Pum Pum Drum

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum - Lime

It’s often been touted by developmental psychologists that music isn’t just a good thing to introduce kids to at an early age, but that it can actually significantly boost their overall intelligence and success in life. Well, the B. Parum Pum Pum Drum (try saying that three times fast) is meant to provide your little ones with a colorful introduction to organized sound via percussion. If features all sorts of insect-themed musical implements too, like tambourines, sticks, jingle bells, maracas and more.

Zoomer Dino—Boomer

Zoomer Dino

This incredible little free-roaming robot is both adorable as well as great for acclimating young kids to the idea of pet ownership (in a safe and healthy way). It artfully balances itself while actually moving around your home of its own accord, indicating various “moods” based on the color of its eyes, for example. It can be controlled by motion alone or with a handy control pod. Needless to say, your children will find spending time in this digital dino’s company to be nothing short of amazing.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection

Crayola VD Kit

The Crayola Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection is a really nifty little technology-enhanced art studio that the aspiring fashionista or future Calvin Klein will certainly love. Basically, it allows them to bring their creations to life and form in a similar manner to how a real-world designer would, how cool is that?   Aside from including an actual portfolio of various designs which will acclimate them to some basics it also remains compatible with mobile and touch devices too, the “my virtual fashion show app” is also part of the package. Add to that an assortment of stencils, markers and pencil and you have a really amazing toy / playset that can actually teach your kids usable skills.

Lego Fusion Town Master

LEGO Fusion Set #21204 Town Master

When it comes to incredibly neat ideas, the Lego Fusion Town Master is a multi-layered playset that utilizes both technology as well as elements of virtual city management and architectural design. In essence, it is a board that includes a bunch of tiny lego pieces which your child can use to build a virtual town with. The kicker of course is that it works in tandem with an app that will scan what’s been constructed and allow them to virtually manage the city’s ongoings as if they were the mayor. In any event, the goal is to please your citizens and make sure that they’re healthy, wealthy and wise. Truly a great idea that takes an all-inclusive approach and raises it to new heights thusly integrating both creativity as well as instilling ethical principles amidst learning to construct things. Even better, it’s a LEGO product, so you know it has to be good.

WowWee MiP RC Robot


WowWee MiP Robot RC Robot

Remember when you were a kid? Did you ever wish that you had a little robot pal to play with? Well, now your children can have exactly that thanks to WowWee’s MiP RC Robot. It basically uses some similar balancing technology as what you see with transportation devices like the Segway, but it’s a fully-functioning and seemingly alive bot that will respond to you and even play along with your games. It actually communicates through sound, light and motion, and can be controlled via a handy iPhone / iPad. Needless to say, it’s a very hot item right now and parents are scooping them up left and right; likewise, the children seem to really love this particular toy as well.

Sky Viper Camera Drone

Sky Viper Camera Drone
If you’re shopping for older kids and want something that they’re absolutely going to go crazy over, a Sky Viper Camera Drone is a great choice. This relatively small yet very capable little flying machine can actually open up their world to a wealth of new creative possibilities and even spark their interest in fields like aviation. It features a quad-copter design with a built in camera that can take up to “25,000 pics or record up to 30 mines of video”. Of course, you’ll need to lay out some ground rules just to make sure they’re using it properly, but soon enough they’ll likely be showing you incredible little videos they’ve made with it. Definitely a toy worth checking out, no doubt about it.

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