When we talk about purchasing a brand spanking new television today, we have to be referring to those of the “smart” variety. Simply put, your run-of-the-mill tele just isn’t going to cut it anymore. We need units with lots of features as well as a crisp, clear and preferably, gigantic screens. This isn’t just a want, either, but an honest-to-goodness appraisal of the digital media distribution requirements, i.e. – if you want to take advantage of the services that are out there, you need a machine that can get the job done, with gusto. In the spirit of that (and the holidays) we present what are probably the top 5 smart tv’s of 2014… Keep in mind, these aren’t perhaps the ultimate, most definitive televisions ever made, instead they offer the best “bang for your buck”, touting a range of features that most anyone will find extremely appealing.

Samsung UE55F8000

Samsung’s UE55F8000 is completely filled to the brim with all sorts of nifty goodies and potential, which only adds to the fact that it is also capable in many other respects as well. For starters, it has an enormous 55” LED backlit display and that of course is in 1080p. Some have commented negatively about the currently available voice and motion controls, however that will soon be remedied (if it hasn’t been already). All things considered, many have already taken to calling the UE55F8000 one of the absolute best smart tv’s out there, bar none. It’s tough to argue with them, really, aside from the wonderful picture quality you also have really great sound/audio as well, and again, its modern voice and motion control features are just supremely cool.

LG 55LA740V

LG has really upped the ante with the 55LA740V. One would expect great things from its 55” display or ability to tap into various on-demand services, but take a minute to consider that it is also a 3D television. The unit arrives with no less than 6 pairs of glasses, which sort of turns it into a basic home theater, to tell you the truth. Not only that, it also includes a “magic remote” as well as built-in wifi. Really, anyone that needs a set that can basically do everything you’d expect a top of the class smart tv to do with the added benefit of 3D viewing / display should strongly consider LG”s 55LA740V.

Sony KDL-55W905A

Just when you thought things couldn’t be any cooler or more feature-packed, Sony introduces their KDL-55W905A model smart tv. In a nutshell, this unit combines all the current technological goodies such as 3D and internet compatibility as well as a crystal clear 55” display that even the most critical viewer will find to be fantastic (courtesy of the TRILUMINOS display). Its built-in wifi is certain to get the attention of those who might like to simply go around traditional cable providers too, tapping into the wealth of services out there.

Philips 42PFL6008

The 42PFL6008 manufactured by Philips is a unique entry among the many other smart tv models. For starters, it’s a tad bit smaller than many other so-called flagship offerings, measuring at 42”. Don’t get the wrong idea though, what it lacks in pure size it makes up for in other areas, like picture quality and all around usability. It does offer smooth 3D support, for instance, as well as wifi and its own GUI. A neat double-sided remote also shores up the list of often overlooked features, which only makes the entire set more user-friendly and capable. By and large, the 42PFL6008 falls into a bit of a niche price range too, offering all sorts of top features amid a less than skyrocketed price tag. If you’re after something smaller that’s perhaps more manageable, yet don’t want to sacrifice any “smart” features, this is definitely worth looking at.

Toshiba 46TL968B

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Toshiba 46TL968B, which is by all accounts an extraordinary smart tv that you can often snag at a ridiculously low prices. Add in HD 1080p as well as 3D capabilities that don’t require glasses – clearly this is a unit worth checking out. Most will like their GUI portal, Acetrax and the BBC iPlayer being top items on that front. Again, the screen itself offers up excellent definition, deep blacks, and a full range of colors, all of which are brilliantly displayed. Integrated wifi amidst a slew of HDMI and USB ports means that you can rest assured that all of your devices will find a comfortable home here.   The more critical might find a few details to be not to their liking, like the presence of a slight motion blur, but by and large the Toshiba 46TL968B cannot be beat, especially for the price asked.

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