We love to give just as much, if not more than we love to receive. It’s a pity though that so many presents don’t last. We can probably guess what happened to the presents we bought last minute, or because they were on sale.

Imagine then if we went shopping and focused on buying things that will stand the test of time. We’re not talking expensive necessarily. Just things that will do what they say on the label and will last. Here we are then with a guide to useful presents that will keep giving. Plus if you are still not sure what to give, these ideas make brilliant choices.



Tool Kit

These days either partner is getting their practical side on. For him, you might be looking at a socket-set or a brilliant electric screwdriver kit with every adapter imaginable. Never again will he be searching high and low for the right wrist aching screwdriver.

Thinking about a crafty kit? There are all manner of knives, scrapers and sanders out there. Some are combined in fancy kits, or you could simply collect some different tools and find a suitable practical tool box. There are a whole range of serious power tools from saws to drills, which are compact and practical presents that will last. Go for a serious set of pink handles for a girly option!

Knife Set

Getting into the kitchen but stuck with a cheap old knife that barely does the job? A set of chef’s knives is a brilliant option for the budding chef or the cook at heart. These knives not only look and feel amazing when you balance them in your hand, their forged blades are made to take a sharp edge and keep it. Why not invest in one of those funky magnetic knife racks? Easy to attach to any wall, they are a great space saver and make any kitchen look professional. Mind your finger on those sharp blades!

Cast Iron Cookware

This stuff was made to last centuries. Cast cookware exudes quality and technology that is as old as the hills but will never go out of style. You could invest in a whole set knowing that it will seriously outlast you. Cast Iron cook wear not only looks great; it cooks amazingly well. With an enamel lining it’s virtually impossible to burn anything, and cleans up easily. Sumptuous colours complete either the modern condo or the country cottage of your heart.

Quality Mixer

These days a mixer is worth a thousand jobs. From pastries to bread kneading, and from chopping to shredding and crumb making, you’ll find a multi-function mixer that does it. The trick here is to spend that little bit extra and get a quality brand. These mini monsters are made to last and are a fabulous kitchen stand by. A must for any serious cook.

Classic jewelry

Every girl should own a string of pearls. A classic quality set will last someone a lifetime and go with just about any outfit. For him, you can’t go wrong with a pair of gold cufflinks or maybe a set with pearls would work nicely. It’s the classy classic touch of Male grooming understatement. But then again who would say no to anything is gold? Classic jewelry is a great go to. From diamonds to emeralds there is something waiting for you. There are brilliant savings to made if you look around.  Check out discountrue for choice and ways to save money with coupons. You could make big savings on jewelery from places like Overstock, Reeds Jewelers or 1928 Jewelery

A quality watch.

Well, digital watches came and sort of morphed with classic timepieces. A great watch is still a cool status symbol for anyone. There are so many styles to choose from. Go for understated elegance with cool basic functions. A classic time piece is a hand me down and a real personal mark of perfection. Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune as their are some great sales and discounts year round.

Leather Desk top set

This could range from anything you liked, or you could pick one or two items that would be suitable. There are some great laptop cases, or notebook covers for your Moleskine. How about a cool leather satchel type bag? These retro style briefcases range from slim document holders to full on cases. Being made of leather, they are robust and stylish.They will last for decades and only get better with wear.

Classic Pens

Like watches, a classic pen is a gift that refuses to out of style. In fact the sleeker and more automated out gadgets become, the more an item such as a fountain pen stands out as a mark of originality and craftsmanship. And yes you can still buy fountain pen ink!

Book case.

A bit of a random choice perhaps, but you’ll need somewhere to put those knick- knacks. A robust book case slips into any room nicely. It is a handsome and permanent place to keep your classic books and anything else, from photographs to ornaments.

You can be as creative as you like with your selection. Try and be inventive with your wrapping. No one will guess what you’ve been planning. You’ll be giving gifts this season, which are going to mean something and last for along time.


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