Are you faced with the prospect of having to buy your husband a special gift for his birthday? Perhaps you are planning ahead and thinking of what to get him for Christmas? Whatever the occasion, one thing’s for sure. You are never quite certain of what to get a man who has seemingly “got it all”!

If money is no object, you are probably thinking of buying the man in your life something rather expensive. After all; he’s the love of your life, and you’ve got the money, right? Are you stuck for ideas on what to buy him? Well, don’t worry because today I will give you some inspiration to help you get started! Check out these amazing gift ideas:


Have you ever seen those gadgets that look like miniature helicopters? Well, they are known as “drones”! In a nutshell, they are radio-controlled gadgets just like the ones your other half probably played with as a kid.

The only exception is that today’s drones are more sophisticated, powerful and expensive! When you buy one of the larger models, you can control them through tablet apps, and they can fly at greater distances.

Most will also allow you to mount a camera to them so that you can take stunning photos and video footage in high-definition! If your husband is a big kid at heart, he would love it if you bought him a drone as a special gift!

Ticket to fly on a Virgin Galactic space trip

Sure, you could buy your hubby a first class ticket to fly in luxury to any destination of his choosing. But, do you know what the ultimate flight is? I’m talking about a Virgin Galactic space trip, of course!

Each ticket on board a flight away from Earth will cost you $250,000 (around £163,200). But being able to say you are one of the privileged few that has flown into space is priceless!

Restore a classic car

Going back down to Earth, you will doubtless know there are plenty of cars travelling around every corner of the planet. The sad truth is that some older classic cars are sitting in garages gathering dust and slowly rotting away.

Is your husband a classic car buff? If so, imagine the look on his face if you bought him a fully restored classic car? It’s certainly a gift idea that he will keep talking about for many years to come!

Restoring an old car isn’t an easy task. But, the good news is you can entrust specialists to take care of each part of the process. For instance, let’s say that you want to buy your other half an old Jaguar E-Type. The Auto Art can handle the bodywork and paint, and Classic Motor Cars Ltd. can take care of the mechanicals.

Once the restoration is complete, all you need to do is get the car valeted and keep the vehicle out of sight until the big unveil!

Well, I hope those ideas have given you some inspiration. Let us know what you’ve decided on!

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