Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. You might have figured that out with the most recent Father’s Day. What did you get for your dad this year? Most of us probably settled on a brand of chocolates or a nice bottle of wine. These are the cop out gifts that you buy when you have no idea what else to get or what someone would like. But, with Christmas on its way and the constant threat of birthdays we have come up with some great gift ideas for your dad he’s sure to love. Let’s look at a few on this post.

Sporting Gifts

If you’re looking to get your dad something to do with his favourite sport, why not get him something he can use. Most dads have a rather busy daily schedule. That means they don’t have a lot of time to enjoy their favourite sporting activity. They are constantly on the lookout for ways to enjoy and practise the sport that doesn’t take up too much time. If golf is your dad’s favourite pastime, we’ve got the answer. You can buy him a portable golfing mound. Portable mounds are perfect for the golfer who doesn’t always have time to practise his swing at the course. Instead, he can use the mound to practice from anywhere.

Failing that, you might want to get him tickets to a golfing event. For instance, tickets to the 2016 Masters tournament are currently on sale. Although you should expect this gift to be slightly more pricey than the typical present, you might get for your dad.


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A Gift Basket

Gift baskets are the perfect present for a father because they incorporate everything that they might love. If you know something that your dad adores you can get him a themed gift basket. But if not, just get a gift basket specific for fathers. That way, you’ll know he’s bound to like at least a few of the things wrapped up inside.

Music Gifts

When you were growing up, you will at some point, have faced the torment of having to listen to your dad’s music in the car. We guarantee it. You should be aware of some of the different bands that he loved as a teen and still does to this day. But, if you buy him music don’t make the mistake of buying a CD. Instead, opt for a record of a classic album that you know he doesn’t have. Dads will constantly tell you that records sound better than CD’s or MP3’s. Whether this is true is debatable but records are beautifully vintage.

If you’re feeling more generous, you could instead buy your dad a new record player.

Something For His Desk

A smaller gift would be to get him something for his office desk or workplace. This can be a little knick knack, mug or toy related to something he loves. When you visit him, we guarantee you’ll see it displayed with pride on his desk.

We hope you use this post find the perfect gift for your dad.  


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